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James Green

The trip to Egypt not only got me good at staying on my toes while travelling but helped me to learn how to take risks and to capitalise on any unexpected opportunities that come my way. I met many people during my two weeks in Egypt, and someone who had two thumbs on one hand. It was an amazing trip.

The experience helped me to consolidate and expand on two projects I was beginning at the time; ‘A Day in the Life of….’, and ‘The History of The Rhondda’ – Each one a series of collages that are installed in a grid format that resemble the format of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Each series is ongoing – ‘A Day in the Life of….’ consists of 5,000 collages (and counting), while ‘The History of The Rhondda’ currently stands at 546 collages.

Since my Aidan Threlfall Award funded trip to Egypt. I completed my Masters degree at the Royal College of Art. I have recently completed my Ph.D which uses painting methods to explore how people see things in close-up double vision. I am a lecturer on the FIne Art course at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where I teach drawing, and lecture on vision in painting, ritualistic objects and the history of collage. I am still working on the collages partly inspired by the Aidan Threlfall Award

The reason I wanted to go to Egypt was to study the hieroglyphs. I spent time exploring the temples, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the Pyramids of Giza, and generally travelling around the country, getting lost, drawing, and soaking up new influences from both ancient and modern Egypt.